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KY startup helps get opposition president elected in Guyana

Here is something you don’t hear every day. A Louisville, KY startup played an instrumental role in a political campaign that ousted the long ruling party in Guyana. Last month, the people of Guyana elected a new president, David Granger. Prior to the May 11 election, the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic ( PPP/C ) of Guyana had held a tight grip on the country.

El Toro, the aforementioned startup, played a large part in orchestrating Granger’s digital strategy. El Toro’s IP targeting technology proved to be a major factor in the elections. The technology infrastructure of Guyana itself also played a major role. Firstly, the PPP/C had what amounted to a monopoly on the state run media outlets. That meant TV ads were out. However, more than 60% of the Guyanese population has access to an internet connected device. This proved to be the perfect storm for Granger and his digital campaign team.

Brad Goodman, a consultant who worked on the campaign, noted a few of the campaign’s goals in a press release:

According to Brad Goodman…there were two main campaign goals that included identifying and circumventing the ways state-run media adopted for reaching voters, mainly the youth of Guyana, and overcoming the fundraising advantage of the incumbent party. Stacy Griggs [El Toro CEO] adds that El Toro was the right type of tool that could thwart these two issues and brought about a difference in the country. This tool helped them target voters on a granular level by getting to them the right messages at the right time.1

Essentially, El Toro and the digital team focused nearly exclusively on mobile advertising. To that end, the Granger campaign was able to generate a click through rate of around 1.98%. That is a staggering number for a digital ad campaign. Ultimately, the May election had one of the highest voter turnouts in Guyanese history, and reslted in the election of David Granger. Quite a digital campaign indeed.