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Los Angeles On Demand Massage Startup Raises $1.7M

Soothe-Top Los Angeles On Demand Massage Startup Raises $1.7MIn a world not too far away people will be able to order just about everything for delivery at home, and in most cases on the same day. Even earlier today we brought you the story of a Birmingham Alabama startup, Shipt, that will deliver groceries, on demand and on the same day in Alabama.

soothelogo Los Angeles On Demand Massage Startup Raises $1.7MIn the hustle and bustle of today’s world millennials don’t have time to wait for anything and want everything made as convenient as possible. Why couldn’t massage be added to that list? That’s just what Los Angeles startup Soothe does and now they have $1.7 million dollars in the bank to do it.

TechCrunch reported on Wednesday that the “Uber for Massage” startup which was founded in May of 2013, had raised $1.7 million from Gil Penchina’s AngelList Syndicate as well as Scott & Cyan Bannister, Tasty Labs founder Joshua Schachter, Dogvacay’s Aaron Hirschhorn, Xobni founder Jeff Bonforte, and HomeDepot CTO Aaron Lee.

The on demand massages happen in the customers home and the service is offered in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Austin, Phoenix, and Miami.  Washington DC, San Francisco and San Jose are all on the radar for quick expansion. Over 1000 licensed massage therapists contract through Soothe in all six cities that they currently provide service in.

A one-hour massage costs $99, a 90-minute massage costs $139, and a two-hour massage costs $169.

According to TechCrunch Soothe will use the money to continue building out it’s logistics platform, and expanding their service area. The company would also like to expand into other complementary spa like services. Check out Soothe here.