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LifeFuels Exits Stealth Mode With Smart Water Bottle System

As the quantified self continues to grow, it seems that wearables are becoming the main technology focus. However, a new company just launched that wants to bring a different sort of technology into the fold. LifeFuels, based in Reston, VA – just outside Washington D.C. – has built a smart water bottle. What’s more, beyond the smart functions, the bottle also dispenses supplements and flavorings via interchangeable pods – think something along the lines of the Keurig K cups. DCInno spoke with the company’s CEO, Jonathon Perrelli, who described the LifeFuels bottle as three separate products, working in tandem:

The water bottle itself, which is connected to a health app that uses data from other fitness apps and wearable tech like FitBit to plan out what supplements to put in your water, which are dispensed from the third part of the system, FuelPods.1

LifeFuels-Inject LifeFuels Exits Stealth Mode With Smart Water Bottle System

When Perrelli describes LifeFuels as three products in one, it truly is just that. Each component of LifeFuels is strong enough to be its own independent product. Alone, there is no doubt that a water bottle, with Keurig-style flavor pods would be a commercial success. Alternatively, a smart water bottle – sans the flavor pods – that tracked your liquid intake, it stands to reason, would also be a success. Anyhow, the LifeFuels water bottle holds 5 separate one ounce FuelPods. Each FuelPod, in turn, can provide up to 30 servings of the flavoring. Further, LifeFuels has already built a large network of third party vendors who will produce their own FuelPods:

LifeFuels has partnered with dozens of brands that you know and love to help create a large and rapidly expanding marketplace where you can select the products that fit your lifestyle and health needs. Brands include Natural Stacks, EBoost, H2WOW, Boku Super Foods, BabyBooster, SOS Rehydrate, Sprayology, and many more.2

LifeFuels-App LifeFuels Exits Stealth Mode With Smart Water Bottle System

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On top of all that, LifeFuels includes a robust app that learns more as you increase use:

The LifeFuels App provides a user experience that includes automatic tracking and logging of beverage and nutrient intake; detailed FuelPod nutritional information; custom wellness suggestions; and easy access to the FuelPod Marketplace. The more you use the LifeFuels system, the more it learns and the smarter it becomes. The app uses data such as prior consumption, nutrition goals, health information from synced fitness devices, wake time, and current weather readings to make intelligent recommendations.3

You can pre-order the LifeFuels system right now for $99 on the company’s website. Here is a closer look at the LifeFuels bottle in use: