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After Exit To Ford, Livio Founders Launching New Startup In Michigan

Jake Sigal and Massimo Baldini are the two brilliant Ferndale Michigan based cofounders that created Livio.

Livio actually started out as a hardware company, creating radios that would stream Pandora. Those desktop radios eventually made it into big box stores like Best Buy and allowed users to stream internet radio from their end table.

Livio also made Bluetooth connected kits for the car and they were the first company to help get music service Grooveshark into the dashboard by way of a Bluetooth connection and an FM transmitter.

As the automotive industry evolved and the smartphone became more common place for streaming such services to connected head units and infotainment systems, the 11 person team behind Livio turned their focus more onto software that supported smartphone and car connectivity.  That led to the 2013 acquisition of the company by automotive giant Ford.

Although the financials behind the Ford acquisition were never released, it was reported by TechCrunch that the deal was worth under $10 million dollars.

Now Sigal has told semichiganstartup.com that he and Baldini have moved onto something else.

Their new startup is called Tome and it’s in the “internet of things space” meaning it’s some sort of connected gadget. They haven’t elaborated beyond that because they are still in stealth mode. Sigal has said that their principal product “aims to merge mobile apps, devices and services.

After an exit to Ford it wasn’t hard for the duo to close a $250,000 angel round in June. They already have a staff of three people working on the project as well. We expect things from Sigal and Baldini, after all they took a company built in a guest room in Sigal’s Ferndale home and turned it into Livio.