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MyAlbum launches iOS app for visual storytelling

On Wednesday, the MyAlbum team released an iOS app. If you are not aware of MyAlbum, it is easily one of the most useful, most intuitive photo album platforms. In fact, MyAlbum can be much more than a photo album, but only if you chose to make it. Therein lies the reason that we like is to much, albums can be as detailed, or as minimal as you want. To that end, you can simply upload photos and MyAlbum will select the best ones and scale and tweak them into a vertical collage. At the other end of the spectrum, you can add all sorts of info, things like text, maps, the weather, tourist info and thousands of other possibilities.

MyAlbum-iOS MyAlbum launches iOS app for visual storytelling


Now, with the app, MyAlbum is even easier and faster to use. The new app, even though it is quite functional, is better thought of as a companion or an auxiliary tool to the web app. A quick way to get the bare-bones of a project up. Or, it is a perfect stand alone tool if you are just looking for a photo album:

With the app users can easily create and view their visual stories on the go. Stories start by uploading photos and videos which automatically get arranged in a beautiful grid. MyAlbum uses smart algorithms to decide the way the grid gets arranged. More to tell? Users can enrich their stories using the tablet or PC with text, maps, the weather, tourist info and 10.000+ other elements. Adding context is a breeze by combining the EXIF data stored in photos and videos with several API’s.1

Album MyAlbum launches iOS app for visual storytelling

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