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Nashville Vaccine Startup, Kicks Off At Auburn Univesity

immunization1 Nashville Vaccine Startup, Kicks Off At Auburn UnivesityA new Nashville startup, called Med+Pass has already booked it’s first university client. The company, digitizes immunization records making them easier for large institutions to manage. It may seem like something that would be handled by traditional EMR or EHR startups however the immunization piece has been often overlooked.

Believe it or not, most college campuses are taking paper immunization records from college freshmen, or their parents. Those paper sheets are then either scanned or input into a colleges electronic health record of each student so that they can go along with the rest of that students record.

“We’re basically taking that paper form and we’re digitizing it and automating the process from start to finish,” Med+Pass CoFounder, CFO and President JimWills told the Nashville Business Journal. 

Hallett Ogburn, one of the company’s six cofounder and the company CEO told the Business Journal that Med+Pass can even take immunization forms that are faxed in or take the information from other electronic medical record systems. This means all the info can be consolidated into data that the school can actually use.

Although Ogburn and Wills knew each other from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa it’s actually the Crimson Tide’s rival school, Auburn University that Med+Pass can say is their first client, the first school to give their system a chance.  Auburn University rolled the program out on January 12th as students were getting acclimated for the spring semester.

Auburn is their first school but they are also in talks with Ohio State, The University of Florida, Washington University and manny others. They hope to book 25 colleges by year’s end.

Because of the enormous amount of students on these college campuses and the close proximity they keep to one another, it makes college campuses very susceptible to outbreaks. In a case like that the schools would need immediate access to accurate immunization data. That’s what Med+Pass provides.

The Nashville Business Journal reports the company has raised $410,000 to date and they are in the process of raising $550,000. They also expect to raise a larger Series A round soon.