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NewsByMe: A New Approach to Citizen Journalism

There have been a few attempts a citizen journalism platforms over the years. Most, however, have ended in failure. The main problem with most of the previous attempts was the scope and scale with which they were attempting to operate. For the most part, these platforms were attempting to become a new sort of professional reporter network – akin to the AP – while utilizing the work of amateur reporters and journalists. Ultimately, the intended target of this citizen journalism was the World’s media market as a whole; a size and scope that is unfeasible. Well, while we were at TC Disrupt NY last week, we came across a new take on the citizen journalist platform: NewsByMe.

News-By-Me-App NewsByMe: A New Approach to Citizen Journalism

The main thing that separates NewsByMe from other such platforms is its scope and aims. Rather than attempting to take on the media as a whole, NewsByMe is sort of a local augmentation of the news. The platform operates on a much smaller scale, geographically:

NewsByMe is a free, social news network that allows for every day people to report news and events on the scene happening within their location. It’s an easy way to connect and share important events as they unfold near you. Think RADAR for news events on your mobile device and on the web.1

During TechCrunch Disrupt, we had a chance to speak the team, and learned a bit more about what seperates NewsByMe:

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