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Nugbox: A monthly subscription cannabis box

There is no shortage of monthly subscription boxes. You can get anything from food, or clothes, or pet toys delivered. Well, you can now add cannabis to that list. Last week, Nug Run – a “premier organic delivery service” – introduced the Nugbox, a new monthly box full of various cannabis products.

Nugs Nugbox: A monthly subscription cannabis box

Inside each Nugbox, you will get two pre-rolled joints, one food item, and your choice of an 1/8 ounce of cannabis or cannabis concentrate. The first Nugbox, which will debut on, you guessed it, April 20 will include, “A blueberry bite featured in the inaugural box — which [Nug Run founder Nick] Ocampo describes as “a Lärabar but with cannabis in it” — will be presented alongside berry-flavored cannabis1 As Nug Run founder Nick Ocampo told Eater, the food items will not necessarily contain cannabis every time, “One box will include a strawberries and cream macaron with no medicine in it, which will be paired with our sour strawberry cannabis.”2

box Nugbox: A monthly subscription cannabis box

The Nugbox will start at $75, and can be ordered up to 3 times a month. The boxes will only be available to individuals with a medical marijuana card in California.

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