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Tennessee Still Doesn’t Have A Football Coach Because Peyton Manning Is Too Busy Doing This

peytonmanning-otterbox-top Tennessee Still Doesn't Have A Football Coach Because Peyton Manning Is Too Busy Doing ThisPeyton Manning Is Too Busy Playing With Action Ollie The Otter To Help With The Tennessee Head Coach Search

If you’re one of the tens of millions of college football fans than you’ve been pretty busy over the last 10 days or so. You must likely got your fill of rivalry weekend over the Thanksgiving holiday and then spent the past weekend watching conference championship games.

It’s also that time of year when the coaching carousel goes full tilt.

After their worst season in history and not winning an SEC conference game against each of the teams in their division consecutively, The University of Tennessee fired their head coach Butch Jones.

Now many of us know that football legend Peyton Manning is a staunch supporter of his alma mater Tennessee. During the thick of the Butch Jones coaching fiasco, Manning was often seen at the games at Neyland Stadium to help keep the spirits up despite their disastrous record.

After Jones got fired Manning was instrumental in orchestrating some calls with potential head coach candidates. But apparently during the thick of it all, he took a break from football to play with this lovable plastic otter action figure named Action Ollie.

action-ollie-otterbox Tennessee Still Doesn't Have A Football Coach Because Peyton Manning Is Too Busy Doing ThisAction Ollie is Otter Box’s mascot. He’s cute, furry and can protect your phone from any danger. He even provides optimum protection from evil barbecue sauce, no matter what the flavor. Just don’t throw him into the fire on Christmas morning. That’s the warning you get when you watch the amazing video below, Otterbox’s 2017 holiday video.

Of course this is all in fun and a plastic otter action figure isn’t actually going to protect your phone from anything, but the video itself is mesmerizing. It’s a throwback look at made for tv commercials of the 80’s in fact they even throw in one of those old 1985 DynaTac 8000x phones, you know the one that Gordon Gecko uses in the original Wall Street.

Prepare to crack up and watch the video on repeat. Oh, and of course Otterbox is quick to warn you, “Peyton Manning does exist, but he’s also not included”

Perhaps Action Ollie could be the next coach of the Tennessee Vols.

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