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Pingly: A New Take On Email From TwitPic Founder

Email is one of the most used, and at the same time most frustrating forms of communication. Even though email has been around for more than 30 years, it is essentially unchanged. Sure, the UI is a lot different now, but the functionality is almost exactly the same. However, a familiar face is looking to change email. Charleston, SC’s Noah Everett – the founder of TwitPic – is gearing up to launch a new email service: Pingly.

Pingly, which is not yet available, is going to be much more than an email client. Rather, it will be an entirely new take on email:

With Pingly, we want to create a better email service that suits the needs of today’s internet users. We didn’t create just another email client, we built a brand new messaging platform from the ground up.1

Everett shared some more details with Charleston’s The Post and Courier: 

We help sort your inbox based on your connections…Important conversations won’t be pushed down by less important stuff. That’s just the tip of the iceberg…It will be a better Gmail if you will. Gmail will be our biggest competitor.2

Though the release of the new email service is anywhere from 3 weeks to a month away, you can sign up for early access to a closed beta on

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