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Proseeds Winding Down After One Year

Omaha Startup Shuddering After Not Gaining Enough Traction

proseeds-top Proseeds Winding Down After One Year

Just yesterday we brought you the story about Boulder startup Cubspot shutting down it’s service after just one year. The startup that connected parents with summer camps and other children’s programs sold their technology to a partner and are winding down operations. Cubspot Founder Rachael Shayne cited building traction and scale as reasons for the shut down.

Now, the Omaha World Herald, is reporting that Proseeds is shutting down after a year in business as well. Their founder, Jared Bakewell is also citing the lack of building traction and scale as to why his company is closing it’s doors.

Proseeds was a startup in the slacktivist space, trying to make it easy as possible for users to donate money to local charities and causes. They were building brand loyalty with local retailers, businesses and users through the donation process.

Boosterville, a Memphis and Indiana based startup, has been working in a similar space for five years now. It wasn’t until earlier this year that they were able to land a significant investment to keep the platform going. In the case of Boosterville, CEO and co-founder Pam Cooper worked relentlessly day in and day out on building scale and traction, until it eventually paid off.

“I’m hoping people will remember Proseeds fondly,” Bakewell told the Omaha World Herald. “Our mission of trying to change the world, we knew, was going to be a difficult one, but I think our team is happy in the knowledge that at least we tried.”

Bakewell acknowledged the other startups in the space but said that the problem for Proseeds stemmed from “inactivity” and too few users signing up.

Proseeds had five employees including the three founders that opted to build equity rather than taking salaries.  Bakewell told the World Herald that he is working on other projects.

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