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Samsung Going Heads Up On Motorcycles?

smartwindsheld1 Samsung Going Heads Up On Motorcycles?

Samsung Smart Windshield

Samsung is known for it’s lightning speed innovation across multiple product types. They’ve been bringing out a new version of the Galaxy series phone every year for the last 6 years. They have linked refrigerators, cameras, door bells, tablets and more in the home space. They even make chips and display technology found in competitors products.  It seems a new Samsung patent file is discovered and reported on, weekly.

Now it looks like they may be innovating in the motorcycle space. A concept video has shown up showing off a Samsung Smart Windshield for motorcycles and scooters. Engadget reported Sunday that the company may be looking to develop this smart and safe technology for motorcycle riders. They also warned that it this point it’s just a concept.

The idea

It’s extremely hard to navigate, take calls and enjoy other accoutrements found in most every new car these days, on a motorcycle. While some motorcycle riders use bluetooth audio navigation or look at a smart watch with turn by turn directions, there are still motorcyclists out there that are taping navigation maps to their gas tank in order to get from point A to point B. If Samsung’s Smart Windshield concept makes it into production, it could eliminate all of that.

smartwindshield2 Samsung Going Heads Up On Motorcycles?

Samsung’s Smart Windshield will make it safer for the rider by providing a heads up display that shines from a projector onto the motorcycle or scooter’s windshield. This screen will allow the rider to make phone calls, check important vehicle data, and get navigation instructions. It could also be incorporated with a myriad of other technologies.

This is not the first time heads up technology has been introduced for motorcycles. BMW looked to bring an integrated heads up display (HUD) to the motorcyclists helmet instead of the windshield. The Smart Windshield could prove much less distracting. It would also allow for quick trouble shooting or completely turning the system off without having to take off the helmet.

While only still a concept, Samsung promises that with Samsung’s Smart Windshield, to check your smartphone while riding you only have to look ahead.