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Sarvint Technologies closes $6M A Round to Commercialize their Smart Shirt

On Wednesday, Atlanta based Sarvint Technologies announced that they had closed a $6 million series A round. Sarvint Technologies will use the funding to build out their wearable technology. This is not your typical smartwatch or pedometer wearable technology though. Sarvint has built a new wearable technology platform: Smart Wearable System. This is an incredibly unique bit of technology.

The technology is based on the Wearable Motherboard platform, which two of Sarvint’s co-founders helped develop at the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Though there are countless possible uses for this technology, Sarvint’s first product will be a Smart Shirt:

The company’s Smart Shirt uses specialty fibers to carry signals that measure vital signs such as heart rate, electrocardiogram, temperature, respiration rate and other health metrics that can be monitored by a smartphone. Smart Shirt is one of many products Sarvint will introduce based on the Wearable Motherboard technology.1

Smart-Shirt Sarvint Technologies closes $6M A Round to Commercialize their Smart Shirt

This Smart Shirt could be an absolute game changer in the wearable health and fitness technology sector. After the initial rush of the Fitbit and others, there has not been much innovation in the space. A lot of this is due to the nature of such products. The design of the various wrist worn trackers can inhibits the collection of a more robust data set; it is constrained by its physical location on the body. The Smart Shirt, on the other hands, covers a person’s entire upper body, allowing it to capture more data from more physical locations. Whereas the Fitbit’s of the world are mainly casual consumer products, Sarvint’s Smart Shirt seems to be aimed more at professional trainers, doctors, and professional athletes. The company expects to have a commercial product ready for consumers by early 2016. Sundaresan Jayaraman, Ph.D., one of the company’s founders and co-inventor of the Wearable Motherboard technology made a statement about the round:

As one of the inventors of the Wearable Motherboard technology, it’s exciting to have the financial backing to complete our vision of developing products that can benefit millions of people–first through the Smart Shirt, and then with future products based on the technology2

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