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Seoul Set To Host Amazing Startup Conference

startupfestival-korea-top Seoul Set To Host Amazing Startup ConferenceNibletz Is Set To Attend In Amazing Startup Conference In Seoul South Korea

If Silicon Valley is the startup capital of the world, Seoul South Korea could very well be a tech capital of the world. South Korea is home to both Samsung and LG, gigantic, multinational conglomerates that both do a lot more than make smartphones, computers and televisions. All of this innovation had to come from somewhere and over the years we’ve seen South Korea plant their foot firmly in entrepreneurship and startups again.

To celebrate startups in South Korea and across the globe the Ministry of SME’s and startups is hosting Startup Festival 2017 from Thursday November 30th- Saturday December 2nd at COEX Hall B, in Seoul.

The Startup Festival is being organized by 500VOLT TWO Inc, Brandcook, Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity, Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development, Korea Foundation for Cooperation of Large&Small Business, Rural Affairs, Korea Business Incubation Association, Korean Venture Capital Market.

One of the showcase startups that will be presenting at the event will be WizDish the creators of the ROVR2.

The Team behind the first commercially available Virtual Reality (VR) motion platform, the ROVR from Wizdish will be at StartUp Festival 2017 in COEX Hall, Seoul, Korea, talking about the ROVR, their start-up journey and demonstrating the ROVR VR motion platform.

startupfestival-seoul-vr Seoul Set To Host Amazing Startup ConferenceThe ROVR; commercially available since 2014, has been sold in 26 countries, used by thousands of people and brands worldwide, including; Samsung, Nissan, Wells Fargo, British Army, Dominator Yachts and dozens of other big brands and organisations, providing exceptional VR experiences and product validation. ROVR applications are just as varied: experiential marketing, gaming fun & serious, welfare and fitness, architectural visualisation, medical R&D, orientation training, education, + many more.

Julian Williams (Founder) and Charles King (CEO) realised VR needs physicality; for real presence, for compelling VR experiences and to leave people wanting more. Visit us at COEX in November – play VR Pac-man and see if “Affected – The Manor” is More reality than you can handle!

Come to the Startup Festival and see for yourself!

“The first private-led Asia focused Startup Festival has been organized in order to help more than 150 startups. They will be provided a booth as well as put into a matchmaking program where they can connect with investors and the media. The investors will be coming from Silicon Valley, China, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and more. Over 30 global media members will also be attending our conference. This Startup Festival is to be seen in everywhere.” says Donghyuck Kim, CEO of 500V2 the organizer of Startup Festival 2017.

Find out more about Startup Festival here. 

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