A Piece Of Startup Culture Is Dying

You may think this is quite trivial but Business Insider wrote about it on Thursday and there have been many tweets about it in the last 24 hours.

Ikea has decided to kill the Galant desk, the desk of startups.

No one really know how this trend got started but if you did a check you would find that many startups have used the Ikea Galant modular system as their desk and workspace. We’ve been to countless startup incubators, co-working spaces and accelerators that use the Galant desk.

In fact, billionaire entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk uses a Galant Desk and according to Musk once went on a tirade about the Ikea furniture on CNBC. A tour of the Tesla factory revealed that just about every work station had the Ikea Galant desk.

Janice Simonsen, Ikea’s US Product PR Representative told Business Insider “As of now, we are not producing any more Galant desks,”

An Ikea worker at their store in Atlanta told us that they weren’t exactly dumping the Galant desk, just upgrading and improving it. When pressed though, we found that they aren’t producing anymore and that a new model would be out in October which features a curvier frame.

The new desk is the start of the Galant/Bekant system and can be found here. This stab into the cultural hearts of startups ups everywhere was discovered earlier this week when Ikea rolled out their highly coveted 2015 catalog.