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Startup Education is Giving Away A Free Booth at EdSurge’s Los Angeles Tech for Schools Summit 2014

On September 13, 2014, EdSurge is holding the Los Angeles Tech for Schools Summit 2014. Leading up to the event, Startup Education wants to give one lucky startup a chance to win free airfare, free hotel accommodations, and their own “Startup Education Company” booth. There is just one catch, to be eligible the startup has to be a Startup Weekend Education alumni.

Though it is kind of old news, I want to take a minute to look at Startup Education. Towards the end of my time at TechFaster, we started to place a large focus on EdTech. During this time, it became clear that Startup Weekend Education, and by extension, Startup Education, play an incredibly important role in EdTech. Startup Education is a new initiative from UpGlobal and Startup Weekend Education aimed at expanding value beyond the 54 hour Startup Weekends:

Expanding beyond the flagship 54-hour event known as Startup Weekend Education, the organization is excited to announce it’s new brand, Startup Education. Comprised of all the opportunities outlined above, Startup Education is the one place where anyone interested in education innovation can learn how to launch and scale their endeavors. Providing a comprehensive set of action-based opportunities for those passionate about innovating education, Startup Education has created an unprecedented opportunity for anyone, anywhere to shape the future of education.1

Back to the EdSurge Los Angeles Tech for Schools Summit 2014. The deadline to apply is Thursday, July 31st, at 5:00pm PST. There are a few small eligibility requirements:

  • The applying team must be based in the U.S.

  • At least one member of your team has participated in a Startup Weekend Education (Volunteers, Coaches, and Judges are not eligible; only participants that worked on a designated team throughout the 54 hour event qualify as “participants”)

  • Your product is built for the K-12 market

  • Your company has raised less than $150,000

  • Your company is less than 2 years old

  • You must be available to travel to Los Angeles on September 12th and 13th2

To apply, you have to fill out two different forms: Startup Education Application and EdSurge Application. That’s it. Good Luck!

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