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The Synek Draft System Counter top Beer Dispenser Raises $2.5M

The Synek Draft System just raised $2.5 million to help fulfill the orders from their wildly successful Kickstarter Campaign. The Synek Draft System is a wildly creative new type of beer dispenser. In a nutshell, you can have any beer you want, dispensed from your counter in a fashion similar to the keg/tap type systems. What makes the Synek system unique is its storage method. Rather than big, bulky kegs, the Synek Draft System utilizes pressurized bags to store beer. What makes it even better, is you can get it filled from any keg, anywhere in the world. The bag acts nearly the same as a keg, but on a smaller, more transportable scale.

Beer The Synek Draft System Counter top Beer Dispenser Raises $2.5M

Although Synek is not the first company to envision, or even build a personal keg-type beer dispenser, their product has several clear upgrades over just about every similar product. In fact, the company took a look at hundreds of failed products to see what went wrong. The result is a one of a kind beer dispenser:

  1. Variety – SYNEK™ is a ‘crowdsourced’ packaging system available to all brewers (home and craft); consumers gain access to any beer ever produced.
  2. Convenience – Consumers can access beer anywhere there is an outlet. Also, the recyclable bags mean never having to clean a container again.
  3. Quality – Independent tests have shown SYNEK™ ranks at or above cans/bottles/kegs on 5 major categories: (pressurization, shelf life, contamination, oxidation, temperature maintenance). SYNEK™ is specifically designed for craft brewers who create the highest quality beer in the world.1

After raising a hair under $650k during their Kickstarter Campaign last summer, Synek is just about to start rolling out the product with a nationwide tour. On Wednesday, The St. Louis Business Journal reported that the company raised $2.5m to help bolster their inventory. The nationwide tour kicks off on June 25th in St. Louis. In the 15 days following, the company will travel to Cincinnati, Atlanta, Tampa, Miami, and Charlotte. The launch will then end with a stop in Boulder and Denver, CO in late September.2

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