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SYNEK partners with MLB team to bring draft beer system to stadium

SYNEK, a St. Louis startup, just announced that it will be partnering with a Major League Baseball team this season. If you are not familiar with SYNEK, it is an ingenious table-top draft beer system. Here is how we described it last summer:

In a nutshell, you can have any beer you want, dispensed from your counter in a fashion similar to the keg/tap type systems. What makes the Synek system unique is its storage method. Rather than big, bulky kegs, the Synek Draft System utilizes pressurized bags to store beer. What makes it even better, is you can get it filled from any keg, anywhere in the world. The bag acts nearly the same as a keg, but on a smaller, more transportable scale.1

synek-1 SYNEK partners with MLB team to bring draft beer system to stadium

On Tuesday, the company announced that they will be partnering with the Pittsburgh Pirates during the upcoming MLB season. According to KSDK – a local St. Louis NBC affiliate – as a result of the partnership, the Pirates will place a SYNEK draft machine in each of PNC Park’s party suites.2 This is just the latest announcement in what has been a wildly successful first two years.

Synek-Map SYNEK partners with MLB team to bring draft beer system to stadium

After raising just under $650,000 on Kickstarter in July of 2014, the St. Louis startup has notched success after success. In 2015, the company raised a $2.5 M funding round, won the St. Louis Business Journal’s Innovation award in the Tech category, and landed a near countless number of brewer partners. Now, with the Pirates partnership, it is beginning to look like there is no limit for the company.

For more info, or to buy a SYNEK Draft System for the affordable price of $329, head on over to Here is a pretty good overview of the product:

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