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Tampa’s Startup Law Firm Expands Through Acquisition

Tampa Florida’s Hunter Business Law, The Entrepreneur’s Law Firm, Expands Through Acquisition

Hunter-Business-Law-Top Tampa's Startup Law Firm Expands Through Acquisition

At some point most startups need a law firm. Sure incubators, accelerators and even some co-working spaces can help with simple LLC filings and operating agreements, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts, you want an attorney that has passed the bar. Not only that, but you want to be able to weed out the law firms that don’t specialize in the needs of small business, entrepreneurs and startups.

This is no joke, in 2015 we came across a highly visible ambulance chasing law firm that slapped a new sticker on their old firm, and proudly called themselves a startup law firm. But when it came to startup employment contracts, co-founder agreements and acquisitions there wasn’t enough reading they could do in an emergency room waiting area to keep up.

When looking for a startup and entrepreneur’s law firm you want the firm to understand the intricacies of startup life. How to scale. How to split equity. How to protect co-founders. How to protect investors.  If the firm you’re looking at doesn’t understand those things, run. Here’s a pro-tip, if the firm you’re considering has 127 billboards on 60 miles of highway, that’s probably NOT the law firm for you.

Sheryl Hunter, the founder and attorney at Hunter Business Law in St. Petersburg Florida is one of the most respected entrepreneur and startup law firms in the state. This comes from experience, but in this case, not just the experience of helping startups, but the experience of growing and scaling her own firm.

As Hunter set out to grow her firm she was specifically looking for other attorneys that took a heavy interest in representing startups, early stage companies and entrepreneurs. She was also looking for someone that could appeal to millennials and creative types, the bread and butter of the startup economy.

“I don’t really aspire to have 30 or 40 attorneys in Tampa,” Hunter told the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Instead, she wants to create a firm that has a physical presence in entrepreneurial hot spots. “Appealing to millennials and creative types; that’s the type of client that we attract.”

With all that in mind, Hunter Business Law has acquired St. Petersburg Florida based, Brick & Ivy Business law, run by solo partner Jaremy J Shelton.

Like Hunter, Shelton is known for representing entrepreneurs. “Jaremy is completely focused on helping early stage companies and he has a foothold in the St. Petersburg area,” Hunter said.

St. Petersburg is ramping up when it comes to entrepreneurs and startups. Through projects like the EDGE district and other millennial and entrepreneur focused growth, they’ll soon catch up to the rising tide of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Tampa area. As startups continue to expand, they have a law firm they can turn to in the newly expanded Hunter Business Law on both sides of the bridge.

Find Hunter Business Law here.

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