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Trustify: Hire a private investigator on-demand

There are all sorts of on-demand services out there today. From on-demand taxis, to on-demand dog walkers, to food delivery, and everything in-between. Well, you can add one more to that list. Trustify is an on-demand for private investigators. While that may sound odd, think about the industry. Sure, hiring a private investigator is not all that hard, but the rates can be quite large. Instead of paying per hour or per job, private investigators are hired on a retainer-type fee structure. What’s more, these retainers can be in the thousands of dollars range. That’s where Trustify comes in.

Trustify-big Trustify: Hire a private investigator on-demand

Trustify allows you to hire a private investigator on an hourly basis, for a much more reasonable rate. This is a major benefit to both the investigators and the consumers. Trustify’s CEO Danny Boice – also the founder of Speek which was just acquired – started the company after his own experience with the private investigation industry. While going through a divorce, Boice paid several different investigators thousands of dollars in retainer fees, and ended up without any useful evidence to use in court. The experience revealed how broken the industry was/is. Boice told the Washington City Paper about his experience with the industry, and why he set about to change it:

The problem is the way PIs have gotten used to working is very much like lawyers where they demand big retainers, thousands of dollars, they will not do small one- or two-hour jobs. They essentially become a service that only rich people use. Rich people use PIs because they want to augment the local police force, because they have the money to do, because they are not happy with the tips they are getting from the police. Then at Trustify I think we have a chance to change that. I think we can… make it so that [PI service] is affordable. Suddenly it reshapes that traditionally rich-people service and makes it so that average consumer… will use it because it’s trustworthy and fully transparent.1

Trustify currently only operates in the greater Washington D.C. area, but the long-term goal is to expand across the U.S. More on Trustify in the coming days.

  1. Josh Solomon, Washington City Paper, “New App Connects People With Private Investigators,” 9 June 2015