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TuneGo Launches Record Label

Las Vegas Startup TuneGo Launches Record Label

TuneGo-Top TuneGo Launches Record Label

With deep ties to the music industry and the pop culture world, Las Vegas startup TuneGo has announced they are opening a record label.

TuneGo is a new music startup that puts artists first. Artists can connect with major labels, record producers, and licensing companies as well as forge intimate relationships with music loving fans, via the platform.

“TuneGO cuts through traditional barriers of entry into the music industry by enabling artists to find and connect with fans, secure licensing deals, distribution and media exposure, and get their music in front of well-known producers and music labels. Producers currently signed on to work with artists include industry greats such as Desmond Child, Ron Dante, Peter Asher, and John “Jellybean” Benitez, among others. There are also distribution and licensing deals with Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Amazon, APM Music and other partners. ” the company said.

Back in December we reported that TuneGo had teamed up with serial entrepreneur, inventor and investor Mark Goldston.

Goldston is credited with running United Online(Juno, FTD Flowers, Interflora, Classmates, MyPoints, Stayfriends, etc.) and its predecessor company, NetZero. Specializing in growth companies, turnarounds and complex, multi-divisional global corporations, Goldston also held Chairman, President and/or CEO roles in the consumer products, beauty, fragrance, athletic footwear and apparel, multi-unit restaurants, Internet connectivity, e-commerce and social media industries. Goldston spent several years at Odyssey Partners, a major private equity firm and founded a highly successful turnaround/strategic advisory firm. He’s also the inventor of the pump technology found in those original Pumped up Kicks from Reebok.

TuneGo announced late last week that they’ve created a new entity, a record label called TuneGo Music Group. TuneGO is taking the next step in helping artists break into the music industry and, through the TMG label, has signed its first artist, Three Guests (3G).

“TuneGO’s mission is to provide artists with the opportunity to be heard, so it was only natural for us to start our own label, giving the musicians on our site an extra boost for their careers. And since we have an advantage that other labels don’t have, our TuneGO SCORE, we are in a better position than most to identify up and coming talent. The TuneGO SCORE allows us to find artists who are popular across many social media platforms and can help us gauge the probability of the success for an artist — there is nothing else like it that can compare,” said John Kohl, co-founder and CEO of TuneGO.

TuneGO, which is free for artists and fans, is continuously monitoring its music platform, searching for artists who have a high TuneGO SCORE. Artists activity through TuneGO’s website and apps builds the score and is based on a number of criteria such as social media following, fan engagement, song plays, streaming and download activity, live performance and industry professional reviews. A high score can provide artists access to career boosting benefits including sync licensing contracts, airtime on the TuneGO radio network, music reviews and feedback by some of the world’s most accomplished producers, and more.

With the launch of the record label any artist or band on TuneGO with a high score now has a chance to be signed by TuneGO Music Group. The launch coincides with the recent addition of Marcus Spence, Senior Vice President of Mosley Music Group, as Head of A&R for TuneGO Music Group. He has worked with some of biggest names in music including Timbaland, One Republic, Chris Cornell and Nelly Furtado. Spence will help spot the artists who are ready to work with leading industry professionals, music labels and distribution companies.

“A high TuneGO SCORE is what brought Three Guests to our attention as they have amassed a strong following over various social media platforms, building a solid fan base over the past few years. The enthusiastic reaction they get from their fans is impressive and the amount of activity surrounding their posts is a great indication they are doing something right and are ready for the next phase of their career. We are here to help make that happen,” added Spence.

3G, a trio out of Erie, Pennsylvania has almost 1 million social media followers, that includes 115,000 Facebook followers, 30,000 on Instagram and 775,000 on With highly engaged followers, they typically get 300-1,000 likes per Facebook Post, 1,000-2,000 likes per Instagram and 50,000-100,000 likes when they broadcast a live video on (Click here to see 3G’s page on TuneGO

The members of the pop trio include, Ben Waldee, Jordan Rys and Noah DeVore who write and perform original music. Currently, TMG is producing new music for Three Guests and will release a new single with an EP to follow. A music video will accompany the release of the new single, directed by Stephen Garnett who has directed videos for Christina Milian, Tinashe and The-Dream. “We’ve tried other music platforms out there and only one was able to help us get to where we are today.  We’re excited to release our new music to the world and we would not be in this position without TuneGO,” said Waldee of 3G.

“I have been working with these guys and I can tell you they are the real deal. Talented, charismatic and hardworking, they have it all and I can’t wait until the public gets to hear their new music, it is fantastic,” says Spence.


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