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Uber May Sour LGBTQ Support With Texas Move

New Amendment May Leave Trans Uber and Lyft Drivers Out In The Texas Heat

Uber-Lyft-Top Uber May Sour LGBTQ Support With Texas Move

If you were at South By Southwest this year, you may have noticed the lack of Uber and Lyft ride sharing cars. While you can get a Lyft or Uber in other parts of the state, the capital city has been tough for both organizations.

Uber and Lyft have spent millions of dollars lobbying in Austin to get past stricter, finger print based background checks. The lobbying has paid off to a degree as a more Uber friendly bill has passed the House, sidestepping the finger print issue.  However there’s a huge concern in the amendment proposed by Representative Tony Tinerholdt. The Republican, who hales from the Fort Worth/Arlington area clearly defined “sex” as male and female.

When Uber and Lyft can finally return to Austin Texas they will face those citizens that were opposed to lesser background checks. This paved the way for other rideshare companies like, Fasten, Flare and RideAustin.

On a more national scale, if Uber and Lyft come back into Austin under the new bill, they will face opposition from the LGBTQ community who may feel that they didn’t do enough to protect their rights. This comes from Austin Inno staff writer Brent Wistrom in their daily briefing.

As a possible consolation prize to the state of Texas, and to get in their good graces they’ve vowed to get their self driving flying cars into the state by 2020.