United Customer Beating Prompts New Commercial

After “re-accommodating” A Customer on A Flight Sunday Night The Internet Breaks

Not only did United show a horrible disregard for customer service and civil rights, but the trolling that ensued following the big incident has caused the internet to break. We’ve seen so many companies get trolled and boycotted for acts that some may not perceive as heinous. This one was.

For those living under a rock, but somehow still reading The Voice Of Startups Everywhere Else, here’s the story.

A 69 year old Asian doctor paid for a ticket on a United flight from Chicago to Louisville Sunday night. All the seats had been filled. While, the airline says they were overbooked, it’s since been revealed that they needed to place a crew for a morning flight on that flight. After trying to get volunteers to change flights they randomly selected four passengers that would get “bumped”.

One of the customers, the 69 year old unidentified Asian doctor, was irate. He had patients that he needed to see on Monday morning. He was forcefully removed from his seat on the aircraft. A Chicago Aviation officer (not Chicago Police as previously reported), dragged the man by his arms, down the aisle to the front of the plane.  The doctor, became a patient himself after suffering injuries from his head getting bashed into arm rests.

The internet has cried out and trolled more than any other incident in the last several years, and for great reason. With camera phones everywhere there’s about five different angles of this crazy act.

Check out the video above or just search #united on any social media platform.

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