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Utah Education Company Looks To Close School Readiness Gap

waterfordlogo1-300x70 Utah Education Company Looks To Close School Readiness GapPreschool and Kindergarten aren’t what they used to be. Gone are the days where you played dress up, had a little peanut butter and jelly, pulled girls hair and took a nap (then repeat). As technology has improved teaching methods at the primary school through high school levels, parents are finding more and more that there kids need a level of skill that in the old days, didn’t happen until after first grade.

With the advances in technology outside of the classroom and in the home, and more and more kids using mobile devices, earlier and earlier in age, students at the first grade level are reading full books, and doing basic math.

More and more parents are throwing mobile devices at kids as young as two to calm them down or give them something to do. Believe it or not, those kids are learning things.

The Waterford Institute, a non profit research institute focused purely on education, has released a new software platform to help enable the youngest of learners to close the school “readiness gap”.  The new platform, called “Smart Start” is uniquely designed to help students at that level.

“School readiness gaps begin before a child even starts kindergarten,” said Benjamin Heuston, Waterford’s president and COO. “Preschool teachers are under tremendous pressure to close the gaps in academics and social skills, but often lack the time to provide the individual attention the task requires. SmartStart brings Waterford’s powerful individualized instruction to the preschool level in a developmentally appropriate way and blends it with research-based center learning.”
SmartStart draws on Waterford’s award-winning adaptive early learning curriculum to teach kindergarten readiness skills like letter recognition and sounds, comprehension, vocabulary and more. The software individualizes instruction to each student’s needs and pace, making it an ideal tool to reach all early learners.
“We must give children the educational foundation necessary for future success, and that starts with quality early childhood education,” said Heuston.

Waterford has been known for their impact on elementary level education. With “Smart Start” they help prime students for what’s to come as they move from the Kindergarten level to first grade and it makes each student familiar with not only the Waterford system but using technology in the classroom.