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Warren Buffet Endorses Airbnb For His Omaha Conference

Airbnb-logo Warren Buffet Endorses Airbnb For His Omaha ConferenceWarren Buffet, one of the richest men in the world, is preparing for his company’s annual conference. Berkshire Hathaway, Buffets publicly traded holding company convenes annually in Buffet’s hometown of Omaha Nebraska.

For the past few years Omaha has served as the stage for Silicon Prairie News annual conference, Big Omaha. That event is your normal tech startup conference always a bit on the progressive side.

Now this year, Buffet, who typically shies away from technology startups, has gone on the record endorsing the peer to peer room renting startup, to his Berkshire Hathaway investors.

Knowing that many of his investors have good net worth because they tend to be thrifty, like Buffet, he recommends Airbnb as a cost saving measure.

“We get terrific help at meeting time from literally thousands of Omaha residents and businesses who want you to enjoy yourselves. This year, because we expect record attendance, we have worried about a shortage of hotel rooms. To deal with that possible problem, Airbnb is making a special effort to obtain listings for the period around meeting time and is likely to have a wide array of accommodations to offer. Airbnb’s services may be especially helpful to shareholders who expect to spend only a single night in Omaha and are aware that last year a few hotels required guests to pay for a minimum of three nights. Those people on a tight budget should check the Airbnb website.” Buffet said in a letter according to Business Insider .

He didn’t recommend the startup as an investment or anything like that. But a recommendation from Warren Buffet, as the company prepares to raise another round of funding at a reported $20 billion dollar valuation, couldn’t hurt.