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What Was Doing At Collision? debuts new name at Collision Conference

dotdash-top What Was Doing At Collision?

It’s hard to consider yourself a startup at 18 years old. Perhaps you may have thought was in the house at Collision 17 to show survival of the fittest. As one of the only survivors of the original dotcom bubble, has sure seen a lot of changes over the years. started out as the place to find information about anything. It was like an encyclopedia. It was great for people coming off Encarta, or god forbid, World Book. But ask any millennial and they’ll say their go to places are Google and Wikipedia.

After surviving through the dot com bubble and then the almost dot com bubble, if there’s one thing knows how to do is change with the times.

About CEO Neil Vogel announced at the Collision Conference in New Orleans that the company was changing it’s name to go with it’s evolution as of late. The new name is dotdash (pronounced dot-dash).

Vogel said that the dot is a nod to the period that was the core to the company’s old logo. The dash is a typographical symbol use to move things toward what’s next.  The dot-dash is also Morse code for the letter A.

The name comes on the heels of an entire two year rebranding process. During that time, Vogel split the publishing company into five different verticals, starting with it’s health site.

Over the years became diluted. reports that ‘About’s parent, the internet-holding company IAC, decided to rebrand the publisher because while it had name recognition, its articles were so broad that nobody thought of it as a go-to resource for any one topic.”

“[About] has 100 percent brand recognition, aided,” Vogel said. “Unaided, we were zero.”

“We help advertisers connect with consumers seeking to take action – manage their health, update their home, oversee their finances, master their tech, plan travel, and so much more,” said Andrew Gorenstein, President of Advertising and Partnerships, Dotdash. “We combine incredible contextual data capabilities with a best-in-class content studio, all in a beautiful, safe, and scaled environment ideal for marketers’ messages.”

You can check out the new Dotdash here.