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Youth Sports Start Up Attracts NFL Executive

Philadelphia Startup iSport360 Welcomes Eagles’ Vice President Howie Roseman

iSport360-top Youth Sports Start Up Attracts NFL Executive

Philadelphia startup i360 is a youth sports management program that bridges the gap between parents and coaches often the catalyst behind sideline arguments and temper tantrums.

While the debate continues about participation trophies there are 70m parents on the sidelines of youth sports every year. Regardless of team work, collaboration and sportsmanship, for many youth sports are the start to developing a path to college that many kids may not otherwise have. It would be ludicrous to think that every player on the pee-wee football team has a rats chance in hell in making the NFL it’s far more likely they could end up in college playing football or at least on a scholarship to ride the pine. With that they at least have a path to education.

With all that in mind, over a kids youth life parents spend an average of $2200 for various youth sports, and that’s before their son or daughter even makes the travel team. There’s real money at stake for American families.

Parents just want communication from their coach. Where can they help their child improve? Is there child in the wrong sport all together? Is their child the next Cam Newton or Randall Cunningham? All this is valuable information. Unfortunately most youth coaches have full time jobs and families of their own. At the end of a bad game they want to get home as bad as the next parent. At the end of a good game they need to make it to Pizza Hut first. In other words, youth sports coaches have no time.

iSport360 has developed a youth sports and management system currently used across 9 different sports. Their proprietary system and app helps coaches track their players progress and gives parents a place to go for much needed feedback.

The company was founded by Ian Goldberg, a true entrepreneur that started his first company at age 10 and created a dj and music production company that carried him through high school. He also runs and trains in jiu jitzu to make him a better entrepreneur.

With iSport360 Goldberg is solving one of Bose elephant in the room problems. Most people want to pretend that getting into college, maybe becoming pro, and spending thousands of dollars on kids sports doesn’t exist. They rather sit around the camp fire and sing kumbaya with their 4″ tall participation trophies.

There are great values, lessons and skills learned in youth sports. With communication and management at the core of the company Goldberg was able to attract the Philadelphia Eagle’s Vice President of Football Operations, Howie Roseman as an investor and advisor.

“iSport360 is helping kids be more successful in youth sports while educating parents and coaches, all causes that are dear to me,” Roseman said in a statement. “I have always invested my time and money in organizations that help young athletes. iSport360 just happens to be one that is projected to grow 20X in the next 5 years. So the decision to get involved was easy for me.”

While the capital is important to any startup, Goldberg sees adding Roseman as a great strategic move as well.

“Howie brings relationships and a level of access in the professional sports community that will help iSport360 scale quickly,” Goldberg said in a statement. “Especially since we are developing a version of the iSport360 app for football, our 9th team sport, Howie’s network will be invaluable to the launch, marketing and scale of our football product.”

You can check out iSport360 here.