UVA Startup By Way of LA: 1Degree App

Video Chat With Your Influencer With 1Degree App

1degree-logo UVA Startup By Way of LA: 1Degree AppTwo University of Virginia students, Max Huc and Sam Boochever were part of the school’s i.Lab Incubator. They came up with an idea to create an app that serves as a market place/auction, for ordinary people to chat with their favorite influencers. Influencers sign up to have two minute video chats auctioned off to the highest bidder. The influencer can decide if the proceeds from the auction are going to charity, or going in their pocket.

The concept is great, it means that people can get face time with those they influenced by. For the influencer, it helps them increase both their audience and their personal brand, while pocketing a little change or giving it to their favorite charity. All of these different components of 1degree make it a well rounded startup.

Boochever and Huc knew that they needed to be somewhere else besides Charlottesville Virginia if they were going to take on such a daunting task. How many influencers are roaming the streets near UVA?

“The i.Lab at UVA, they decided they would pilot the first ever non-residential program. So that’s an incubator based out of UVA and our business idea like I said was very much forced to succeed by being in L.A. and they recognized that and allowed us to be a part of the program while living and working in L.A.” Boochever told CBS19

The duo spent the summer in Los Angeles rubbing shoulders with as many influencers as they could in order to entice them to be part of 1degree, and it paid off.

1degree-screen UVA Startup By Way of LA: 1Degree App

1degree users can pick influencers from categories including; lifestyle, music, sports, tv/film, world and business.  Peruse the app and you’ll find a wide range of professional athletes, including NBA players, models, tv personalities and even entrepreneurs.  When an influencer is ready for a video chat they put up an auction and then the highest bidder, or the person that reaches the bid cap first, wins the two minute video chat. Following the chat, the influencer can decide if they want to speak with the winner longer.

1Degree App 1776 Startup Pitch from 1Degree App on Vimeo.