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3686 Kicks Off In Nashville

It’s hard to believe we woke up in Nashville Tennessee this morning.  It’s not so hard to understand if you’re familiar with Charlie Brock, Launch Tennessee and the swarm of volunteers that have come together to put a startup, culture and entrepreneurial conference every year for the past three years around this time of year in Nashville Tennessee. Yes I’m going out of my way to not say Southland 3.

The plight of the conference 3686 has been talked about on the interwebs to near nauseum but from first hand experience I have great admiration for something involving startups that just keeps coming back.

Coming back they do and every year this event gets better.

From the event space in a purposely unfinished warehouse 3686 projects the life of a startup itself, yes in year 3 but still working through things, like every good entrepreneur should.  But walking through the door (albeit a few minutes late and the only guy in shorts) Julia Hartz, the cofounder of Eventbrite has taken the stage.

JuliaHartz-Eventbrite1 3686 Kicks Off In NashvilleHartz talks VR 

When you think about a founder talking VR you typically think Palmer Luckey and Oculus but not in this case. Hartz, has taken the stage as the first official speaker in a lineup that would make Eric Schonfield jealous.

Hartz is talking about how people may end up holding VR events rather than actual events and it’s fascinating. She’s going to save the deep dive into the creation of one of the largest DIY event ticketing companies in the world for tomorrow morning with her husband.

Warby-Crunch-3686 3686 Kicks Off In NashvilleWarby Parker in Nashville.

If you’re surprised that Hartz is speaking at Southland 3686 you may be more surprised to know that Lon Binder also spoke at the morning session on Tuesday. John Shieber, Senior Editor at TechCrunch joined Binder on stage for a fireside chat.  The two discussed Warby Parker’s rise to fame in the retail sector. Of course, they also talked about how technological Warby Parker is.

Although they don’t have an app Binder talked about how mobile optimized their website is. They also talked about moving from one kind of lens to becoming a destination for fashion forward thinking eyeglass wearers.

This is far from all though. 3686 has attracted speakers from Drive Capital, Revolution, Uber, Battery Ventures and many more. Keep it locked here at nibletz.com for more coverage of 3686.