4 DIY Packaging Tips for Startups

No matter how great your product is, if you haven’t invested enough time and energy into marketing, your business won’t be as profitable. While many startups hone in on marketing tactics like social media, content marketing, and even print marketing materials, most leave out one important factor – packaging. One of the most efficient solutions to captivating your target audience is making a lasting impression. This essentially means packaging your products in a way that will let consumers know what to expect the moment they order your merchandise.

Product Packaging Goes a Long Way

When trying to introduce a brand’s image and personality it is imperative to think about packaging. In order for your target consumers to recognize your brand, you must create high quality packaging that singles you out from the others. When you think about it, as you’re looking for products on the shelf, what draws you to one particular brand or another – the packaging. How well put together it is, what information is provided on it, and how convenient it is for you as a consumer.

Just because you’re a startup, doesn’t mean that you can skimp on this very integral part of branding and marketing. In fact, you can create your own impressive, well-designed packaging that screams, “Give me a try,” without breaking the bank. Here are some tips below:

1.  Consider the Supplies You’ll Need

Knowing the type of presentation you want to create is the first step. This will help you in creating a list of supplies you’ll need to create the best package. For instance, will your product be placed in a box? If so, what type of box are you considering? Decorative, or more of a basic cardboard box? Will you need to place labels on your packages? This will require the need for a Color Label Maker so that you can design and print as many labels as you need. Other supplies for packaging might include bubble wrap for fragile items, twist ties to keep the product in place, Styrofoam, bows or ribbons, and whatever else will make your package look complete.

2.  Think Purposeful Packaging

Besides making sure that you’ve developed enticing packaging for your product you must also make sure that it serves its purpose by being informative and accurate. Make sure that the product essentially lives up to the advertisement placed on the package.

3.  Ease of Use is Imperative

Convenience and ease of use are ultimately what makes a customer choose to go with one brand over another. If you’re trying to get ahead of the competition, it is important to keep these factors in mind. By packaging your product with tools or add-ons that make it easier to use and stand out from the rest, it can go a long way in building a reputation and beating out the competition.

4.  Cost Effective

Of course as a startup who is essentially creating their own packaging, you must also keep cost effectiveness in mind. Investing too much in the packaging will ultimately cause you to raise the overall cost of your product which can be the difference between gaining new customers and pushing them towards your competitor.

As you’re designing the ideal packaging for your products, remember to always keep the company image and customers in mind. At the end of the day, your packaging is just as important as your product and you want to create a package that presents the product in an attractive manner that is also informational, accurate, user friendly, and effective. While DIY packaging may be the way to go in the beginning stages of your startup, as you start to raise more capital, you might consider weighing your options with outsourcing your packaging needs.

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