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WMD-banner 500 Startups WMD Is Back! Sign Up Now500 Startups conference for the unsexy world of distribution is back. Weapons of Mass Distribution is the best one day conference in the world for any startup that deals with distribution, supply chain and enormous amounts of customers. As with any 500 Startups event you can expect the best of the best in speakers and an all around fun time, expletives included from 500 Startups Jedi, Dave McClure.

Weapons Of Mass Distribution plans to cover:

Marketing Lingo 101: Decoding the Periodic Table of Endless Acronyms
E-mail Marketing: From drip to trigger, how to up the open rate
Mad Analytics: Implementing, understanding & tracking metrics
SEO: Increasing visibility w/o microscopic magnification
Monetizing Mobile: Onboarding & conversion strategies
Social Marketing: Tactics for growing a fanbase & measuring your ROI
The B2B Playbook: Where to find and how to monetize customers
Conversion Optimization: How to fix your funnel & other UX tips
Ad Retargeting: Does it really work?…& how to tell
Customer Retention: The ins and outs of increasing LTV
Word of Mouth: Building brand and buzz

Distribution startups, founders and entrepreneurs will learn the best hacktics and tips from leaders in the distribution field including:

Diana Smith, Director of Marketing at Segment, Brian Balfour, VP of Growth at Hubspot, Julie Zhou, Online Marketing Instruction at General Assembly, Asha Sharma, CEO at Porch and of course Dave McClure and more.

The event is Friday May 1, 2015 from 9:00am-7:00pm at the Hotel Kabuki.  Early Bird tickets are on sale here through Sunday so you need to go get them now. If you have distribution channels to hack through with your startup you don’t want to miss this event.