7 Most Productive Ways of Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

7wayssummerkids 7 Most Productive Ways of Keeping Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is fun time for the whole family. It offers unique bonding and confidence building opportunities for kids and parents that shall be treasured for life and never be neglected. Here are some fun ideas to make this summer memorable:

Be Innovative and Play

Your kids will really cherish and appreciate the extra effort that you are willing to put into their play. You don’t necessarily have to be a part of the game, just provide with means and infrastructure, so kids can enjoy non-stop.

  1. Colorful Bubbles

Every kid loves bubbles, so make this simple bubble-blowing activity more fun and colorful for your kids. Just add a drop or two of edible colors – yellow, green, magenta and red – in different containers, add water and shampoo or detergent and viola. Ids will love this pleasing color centric take on blowing bubbles.

  1. Kiddy Car Tracks

Your kid will definitely have loads of toy cars laying around in house or in toy cabinet. Here’s a fun way to surprise your little buddy; take colored tape and make roads/tracks on carpet, that’s it. It’s simple and foolproof; no mess, no stains and loads of fun and love for daddy, guaranteed.

  1. Turn the Bathroom an Art gallery

Every time you put your kids in shower or bathtub, hand them a bunch of crayons, water colors or washable finger paint and let them go wild. Turn the walls into gallery and let their imagination fly. They’ll love this freedom and look forward to their bath times. Everything can be cleaned with a simple sponge and walls will be ready for more the next day.

  1. Go to Park/Bootcamp

Though people might be tempted to let kids go outside all the time to get some peace-time in house, but that’s only advisable in pleasant weather. If the sun is not scorching hot, go to the park, take rides with kids and better, enrol in a family boot camp.

  1. Camping in Backyard

There are more ways to make nigh time fun besides storytelling and role playing, though we strongly recommend both. It is good to shy away from routine and go to the backyard every now and then. Say on weekends, kids will love the safe secure camp side. You can construct boxed cities outside, have a small bonfire, marshmallow roasting party and enjoy the serene, twinkly sky. And if it gets too warm, come back inside. However, make sure to use plenty of pest repellents while you are out there bonding.

Use of smartphones and gadgets should be kept at a minimum, nevertheless, they can also be used productively this summer.

  1. Playing Mobile Games

Getting hands on some good learning or downright entertaining games is also an awesome way to get the little minds busy. Ideally, you should pick multiplayer games where you can also be part of the action. Additionally, go for games without adult content, gore graphics and in-app purchases.

If in-app purchases are a big concern try Friv and Juegos Friv for some exciting kid-friendly free online games without worrying about accidental in-app purchases.

This way your kids won’t have to leave the comfort of the home to have fun. Make sure to get tablets and smartphopnes protection though, via a rugged case, as they will surely get bumped and dropped a lot this summer.

  1. Learning via Tablets and Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are so versatile that they can offer hours of entertainment, learning and gaming side by side. To ensure young ones learn some new skills, you shall subscribe to some good channels on youtube; possibilities are truly endless. From learning new games to tutorials on virtually any skill, if your kids have found what they like and want to learn then viola, you have hit the home run.