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Work Anywhere Comfortably With SatchelBord

SatchelBord Is The World’s 1st Truly Portable Work Station

We love being able to go out and work just about anywhere. Earlier this year when we started using Omnicharge, our power problems were fixed. Now we’ve come across a truly portable, easy to carry complete work station. You can take the SatchelBord with you wherever you go.

The SatchlBord is stored and transported in a stylish case that can even hold your books, tablet and laptop. When you open the case there’s a comfortable folding chair ideal for working outdoors. There’s also a desktop surface with plenty of room for your laptop, papers, pens and other things you’d find on your desk at work. The desk has slide out additions that make the surface inviting for notes, books and whatever it is you’re working on.

Satchelbord-img-2 Work Anywhere Comfortably With SatchelBord

The case is made of a water resistant material with a seal tight zipper so it’s weather safe for transporting anywhere.

The desk, called the Tabord is made of strong all natural bamboo. It’s available with one or two slide-outs which allows you all the space you could need.

Brandon Green, the creator of the SatchelBord, is the founder of SpergoTech. The company name is an abbreviation of Special Ergonomics Technology. Green is creating products that are physically and ergonomically sound, and that add a layer of convenience for today’s modern workers.

More and more people are working remotely or for themselves and appreciate the ability to work anywhere they want. SatchelBord is a must have tool for those workers.

Check out their Kickstarter page here.