Check Out John Legere’s Brand New Ride From Zapp Ride Share

South Carolina Startup, Zapp Ride Share Outfits T-Mobile CEO, John Legere, With Bad Ass Scooter

Zapp-ride-share Check Out John Legere's Brand New Ride From Zapp Ride Share

In some ways T-Mobile CEO and Zapp Ride Share CEO, Frank Scozzafava have a lot in common. Other than having last names that no one knows exactly how to pronounce, the two are all about iterating until they get it right, and then riding it out like a bad ass.

John Legere inherited a wonky, in very much fourth place wireless company when he took the helm of T-Mobile USA in 2012. T-Mobile and AT&T had just aborted a gigantic merger, and everyone was like “well there goes T-Mobile”.  Legere moved in like a maverick and quickly built the company back up where it’s become the most talked about brand in wireless.

Scozzafava had this idea for a new way to do environmentally friendly ride sharing.  Sure there was Zipcar and Car2go. There are also plenty of companies that have made the bike sharing thing a reality. But there was something missing. That something was mopeds or scooters.

Taking that knowledge he embarked on a test run of a ride sharing scooter business in Columbia South Carolina called “Scootaway”. The concept was simple, Scozzafava’s company would place scooters throughout the area surrounding the University of South Carolina. After the test was completed he regrouped and prepared to launch the full version of the company with guns blazing.

“People think I haven’t been working on it, but there wasn’t a day that I’ve stopped working on it, since the day I conceived the idea two-and-a-half years ago,” Scozzafava told eTV. “We just had to take a temporary break from the test and work on it.”

With the test behind him and the knowledge gained he launched Zapp Ride Share. Same scooter borrowing concept, to get from point A to point B on college campuses. This time he incorporated a full app, instruction, insurance and more. Also, the scooters look amazing in their neon green.  He also took that time to refine the actual scooter product, sourcing machines with better, longer lasting batteries. Scozzafava wants to get folks from point A to point B with zero carbon footprint.

Zapp Ride Share launched last summer in Columbia and the interest has translated to rapid growth.  They are expanding to Key West, UGA and the University of Florida.


Legere is Scozzafava’s favorite CEO, according to a video he circulated on the internet. After catching the Legere’s interest he had a customized scooter created just for the magenta CEO.  In lieu of the traditional bright green with blue lettering, the T-Mobile Zapp Ride is all black with magennta lettering. Scozzafava even threw in a few extra features, as the video shows.

You can check out Zapp Ride Share here and of course T-Mobile here.