Brand Recognition: Five Offline Marketing Techniques for Promoting Your Startup

Have you recently started a new business? If so, developing brand awareness amongst your target audience will be the first step towards generating sales. The only problem is that many startup owners conduct research that only entails the specifics of internet marketing. While we certainly live in more modern times, focusing solely on online marketing will minimize your company’s potential for success. In order to successfully engrave your brand into the minds of consumers is to learn how to effectively utilize both on and offline marketing techniques. Traditional methods of marketing are still pertinent to today’s modern business and can help you take your brand to new heights.

What is Offline Marketing?

Offline marketing techniques can encompass an array of traditional methods including anything from print advertising to television commercials. Such methods are used to help build brand awareness amongst target markets in physical environments. Now that you have a better understanding of offline marketing is, learning the best methods for incorporating it into your marketing campaign is the next step. Below you’ll find five offline marketing strategies that have worked great for startups in various industries with varying budgets:

1.  Print Marketing – Print marketing is an effective “old fashioned” method for getting the word out about your brand. Print materials provide a tangible platform that stays with the customer. It provides a physical reminder of what your brand is and how it can benefit them. Common forms of print marketing might include: coupons, flyers, newsletters, brochures, catalogs, business cards, and promotional products. The idea of print marketing is to provide a constant reminder to consumers about your brand which essentially can work in your favor.

2.  Signs, Displays, and Banners – Have a physical location for your business? Maybe you’re located in a storefront or a small office space? The idea is obviously to get customers through the door. Investing in custom signs, displays, and banners draws the attention of passersby and gives them a reason to want to do business with you. Banners are great for advertising new products, sales, or offers. Custom signs let customers know that you’re there and ready to meet their needs. Whether it’s a customized sign outside your door with the company logo and name, or strategically placed sale signs throughout your establishment to capture foot traffic, it continues to grab the attention of others. Displays such as point of purchase displays, encourage customers to stop and take notice. A blog post found on suggests that a well constructed display can help to develop an emotional connection between your target audience and your brand.

3.  Conferences and Trade Shows – Though everything is quickly becoming digital, the need for physical contact is still relevant to consumers. People want to be able to put a face to the name. Networking, spreading the word, and showing your target audience who you are as a business owner can greatly improve customer relationships and, essentially, the success of your business. Attending conferences and other networking events provides many benefits to startups. These events are great for incorporating other forms of offline marketing including the handing out of print materials as well as the use of custom banners, displays, and signs.

4.  Giveaways, Coupons, and Freebies – Customers love to save a buck. Whether they receive a free flash drive with your company logo on it at a conference, a coupon to receive a percentage off their purchase, or just so happened to be the recipient of a free trip sponsored by your company, saving money excites people. Customers are prone to sharing with others on how they saved money, won a prize, or got something free from a particular brand. Such marketing efforts give off the impression that you care more about the customer’s needs than making a quick buck – a give and take relationship if you will.

5.  Hosting Company Events – Something as simple as a grand opening, anniversary sales, and other events within your company can make a big impression on customers. Events that are relevant to your brand and entertaining for customers help to create memories and develop even closer relationships. Combining other forms of online and offline marketing techniques can also come into play here. Advertising via social media about your events, giving away free products to the first few people to walk through the door, handing out flyers in the community about the events, and having branded print materials at each of your events can all work to getting the word out.

Learning to incorporate both online and offline or traditional and digital marketing techniques can work effectively in developing brand awareness for your startup. It keeps your business visible to your target audience and also helps to develop credibility within your industry. Hopefully, these five methods of marketing can give you some ideas on how to put your business out there on the forefront. When effectively carried out, such tactics will get customers talking, and pretty soon …Everyone will know your name.