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Collision Conference Preview: Mintor Is The Future Of Mentoring

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There are hundreds of great accelerator programs world-wide. When we talk about accelerator programs most of the conversation centers around investment, equity and product development. However, the biggest advantage in most accelerator programs is their mentors. With an accelerator program, young entrepreneurs typically get access to a large pool of mentors that they otherwise wouldn’t get access too.

In  most accelerator programs, C-level executives from the pillars of industry in their programs local economy usually offer up some time for mentorship. When you talk with a seasoned startup about their experience at Y-Combinator, 500 startups or a Techstars program they typically don’t say “well we needed that $100,000 to get our product out the door” they often talk about what they learned and most of that learning was through mentorship.

Mentorship is everywhere but looks different in just about every scenario. Boys and Girls clubs are known for their mentor programs. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are the same way.

But what about when adults and young adults are looking for mentors to help them develop skills or move them to the next level. Mentorship provides the framework for a new way of learning. Usually the learning is 1:1 with a seasoned pro at whatever industry the mentee is looking to dive into. This mentorship provides people with an amazing opportunity for growth.

Scott Knight and Kasra Khalili, the founders of Mintor, know how important mentorship can be and at the same time realize that there is a big disconnect when it comes to finding mentors. The founding duo took to their website to explain that they created Mintor to have a positive impact on people’s lives and they realized that when they were starting a company they needed to find someone that could provide real guidance, a mentor. They also realized that without a platform for finding mentors or admission to an accelerator program, finding the right mentor was time consuming and exhausting.

With Mintor people looking to be mentors or to be mentored sign up and create a profile. Their AI goes to work to match mentors with the ideal mentee and vice versa. One of the unique things about Mintor is that some of the users looking for mentors, find out they can be a mentor for someone else. It’s all about experience, personal experience, business, success and failure. Mentors aren’t picked based on their academic pedigree.

There have been a handful of mentor matching platforms, but many of them have been geared towards the non-profit space or the “social” space as in social good. With Mintor, every day people can connect, learn and grow together.

You can find out more about Mintor at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at

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