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ISTE 2017: Meet Augie One Of The Coolest Things We Saw At ISTE 2017

bISTEAd_s1_06017-728x90-1 ISTE 2017: Meet Augie One Of The Coolest Things We Saw At ISTE 2017ISTE ’17: Pai Introduces Augie To The U.S. At ISTE 2017

augie-top ISTE 2017: Meet Augie One Of The Coolest Things We Saw At ISTE 2017

Pai Technology is known for their interactive toys, games and learning tools that bring education to life. Pai is dedicated to creating new lifestyles for families by using technology to help kids grow, develop and play.

Cubetastic isn’t your daddy’s Rubik’s cube, Pai Technology has created an app enabled cube that when you take photos of all six sides the accompanying app will tell the user how to solve the cube. There’s actually a lot of problem solving skill involved and the app takes you through that as well.

Their augmented reality storybooks bring stories to life for children. Making reading time an entirely new experience.

Pai takes their time to bring good products to market and it shows. Now they’re making a push into the education market with a brand new product called, Augie.

Augie is an interactive robot that can be controlled through an app. While that’s what most robots do, Pai Technology takes Augie to the next level by allowing students to program him using an easy to understand block code that still promotes growth in the areas of programming that matter, if i do this, than I do that.

But wait there’s more…

rug-ed-iste-banner ISTE 2017: Meet Augie One Of The Coolest Things We Saw At ISTE 2017The company says that Augie is designed for students in PreK – 6th grade. That’s quite a lofty goal and typically when a company says that, one end of the spectrum gets shafted. Either older students hate the product because it’s “for babies” or younger kids can’t even get the product to turn on. That’s not the case with Augie. From the top down and from the hardware to the software, Pai has made sure that Augie can grow with the students.

For early grade levels, students can develop hand eye coordination and motor skills by teaching Augie to move in big broad strokes. They can add friendly emogi’s and other pictures to Augie’s display. As students get into grades 2-4 they may start with the light programming and then for grades 5 and 6 Augie gets even cooler.

They’ve built Augie with augmented reality as well (hence the name Augie). Augie can be set into several situations and scenes but the coolest part for older students is the ability to create augmented reality based games. After quickly scanning Augie with the tablet’s camera the robot enters into a world where the students can place objects in front of him and make obstacles so that he can’t be caught and killed by the evil monsters. Augie has laser beams that students can use to thwart off the enemies.

At the educational level Pai makes sure that the curriculum is standards aligned and easy enough that a teacher without technical experience can use. But Augie isn’t your average coding robot that’s found in the maker space. Augie can be used for story time, science class and even math, which means Augie can be used year round and across multiple subjects.

Check out our video interview with Amy Braun from Pai Technology below to see Augie  in action. Find out more at


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