NPC 17: Mathline, Interactive Physical Math Tools Without The Mess

National Principal’s Conference 2017: Mathline Turns The Reknrek Into A 2-1 Math Tool

mathline-top NPC 17: Mathline, Interactive Physical Math Tools Without The Mess

Teaching math to early learners, specifically in grades K-3 can be challenging enough. Often times, using physical objects helps the learner understand math concepts and numbers much better than worksheets or even the latest in technology. But using physical objects can be a challenge. Most teachers use blocks, bricks or other physical objects with multiple parts. Keeping track of these parts can be a challenge in itself. Kids get distracted, start playing with objects, sometimes throw them, eat them or whatever it takes to delay the lesson. If a teacher is fortunate enough to get through set up, using physical objects can be rewarding.

Howbrite, through their Mathline product, is able to offer the physical learning younger learners need in a concise, distraction free way. This gives teachers all the benefits of physical objects in their lessons without the hassle of distraction, clean up or having to re-order parts.

This is done with the Mathline device.

Mathline is a Reknrek on one side and a math infused Reknrek on the other.The self contained Mathline is self contained so it’s easy to set up and just as easy to put away. This leaves plenty of time for learning. It connects math and numbers in a mistake free way. By infusing the traditional Reknrek device with math and numbers, concepts are much easier to see. The Reknrek is the twenty bead version of the Abacus, one of the oldest tools in the world to learn math.

mathline-ss NPC 17: Mathline, Interactive Physical Math Tools Without The MessMathline is instrumental in helping students grasp three key concepts in math:

  • Counting and Cardinality
  • Number operations in base ten
  • Operations and algebraic thinking

Once these concepts come natural to younger students it’s much easier to teach them other math skills.

Howbrite provides a vast amount of resources to help support teachers that implement Mathline into their classroom. The Reken Mathline comes in a model for all grade. levels. Teachers get access to the Mathline all in one app they can use on their multi-touch digital display or smartboard. The iMathline tool gives modeling concepts to the teacher.  The company’s Teach with Mathline resource hub contains worksheets and other curriculum guides teachers can use in the field to help students embrace the Mathline concept.

Visit with Mathline at the National Principal’s Conference in Philadelphia, July 9th-11th, booth #324 and online