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Geolearning With RoadAmico

Road Amico Engages Students With Interactive Geolearning

RoadAmico-Top Geolearning With RoadAmico

As millennials and the Gen-z-ers start to head through college a new wave of startups are trying to change the ethos of learning. For so many years learning, especially in college, has been extremely passive. The other day we brought you the story of 101, a startup helping to make lectures less passive and less boring. 

We recently heard about RoadAmico.

RoadAmico calls themselves the “walking classroom” to us it’s like geo-caching meets learning, or as we coined above, geolearning.

Attention spans continue to dwindle. We’ve gone from a society of a 24 hour news cycle, to a 15 minute news cycle, to instantaneous news. We’ve gone from a society that spent an average of 14 weeks to buy a house (in the 90s) to people who can literally buy a house in less than an hour, on an app.

Content consumption (not creation) has to be catered to someone who wants to interactively learn, and do it quickly and fun.

That’s where RoadAmico comes in. With RoadAmico, educators can upload their lesson plans. Find locations within the context of their lesson plan and send students on a literal field trip, led by an app. The educator creates the content, finds the location and uploads it all into the RoadAmico Studio Suite, allowing them to create interactive lessons that get students out of the classroom and into the real world.

Sure this is a great concept for trips to Washington DC, New York, Paris or Rome, but it could be just as good in North Carolina, San Diego or Florida. It doesn’t matter the type of class either, there are countless ways the technology can be applied.

“RoadAmico disrupts traditional learning styles and aims to provide an outstanding educational experience by making learning interactive, collaborative, and experiential. Our platform allows educators to develop innovative field-based lessons and exclusive place-based activities so that students can step out of the classroom and enjoy unique experiences off campus, develop and complete assignments related to particular places, and belong with their environment everywhere in the world.” RoadAmico’s Lucia Binotti told us in an interview.

RoadAmico-2 Geolearning With RoadAmico

Roadamico’s technology integrates a GPS-enabled map and a micro-blogging platform within a virtual collaborative space, thus enabling the creation of geo-located course modules that can be shared and crowdsourced.  The platform is easy to use and the technology is fun for the students.

After  an educator has uploaded their lesson and created their RoadAmico journey, they can then monitor the students performance while the students are out exploring. They can also start dialogue and discussions with the students and answer questions as they’re exploring the site that RoadAmico led them too.

The company was created by Lucia Binotti after she was teaching Renaissance history in the streets of Rome. While it would be great to go out into the streets of Rome and teach every day, what if you could teach that kind of lesson everyday in a different location.