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Get the Plugins and Software You Need To Create the Best E-Commerce Site

Starting an e-commerce site is a great way to start your own business without taking on too much risk. You can open the store with minimal investment, and you can continue to work at your day job while you build up the site. You don’t even have to buy inventory — you can just find a reputable drop shipper and sell the items directly for the distributor.

Using the right software and plugins on your site will help you attract more customers and increase sales, ensuring you reach your goals more quickly. Here are a few of the top plugins and software you should consider using for your e-commerce site:


Magento is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that includes customer management solutions, shopping carts, loyalty programs, inventory management, and much more. Magento is a respected platform that has long been used by serious online retailers to provide an easy ordering experience for customers and to improve their overall service.

You can completely customize the look of Magento to suit your needs, and the software is open-source so you can make whatever changes you like. Robofirm shares some benefits of Magento for e-commerce to help you better understand how this platform will help you.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is a plugin for Word Press that provides an easy-to-use shopping cart. You can use the shopping cart to sell on a section of blogs or other websites, or you can add the shopping cart to your online store software.

Woo Commerce is a free plugin and it allows you to customize the look and functionality of your store. Many online sites use the plugin, so many themes and other supporting elements are available for it.


If you work with digital products, you need to start using the software known as Selz. This software works with e-books, PDF files, music files, software, video files, subscription services, and other types of digital downloads. You can use other software to build the storefront, and then install Selz to handle the sale and distribution of the digital content. The software accepts payments and sends download links, among other features.

Selz works automatically, so you will have very few responsibilities for managing the operation of the store. Your store will be selling and sending you money without you having to do a thing.


The payment processing giant offers multiple tools that you can add to any website to make selling easier. You can add a shopping cart for an online store, or you can add a simple payment button for individual items. You can even add a donate button for those who want to support you but don’t want to buy anything (great for blogging sites or charity sites).

PayPal allows customers to pay with debit, credit or an e-check payment without you having to sign up for a vendor account. If you are just starting out, this can save you a lot of money in processing fees.


Once you have established a successful store, you may want to replicate your results on new websites that sell other niche products. Ecwid is a free plugin from WordPress that allows you to copy and transform your winning setup onto other websites. You will then be able to manage all of those sites from the same dashboard.

Setting up your own online store may seem intimidating, but it can actually be quite easy if you have the right products and the right tools. Use these platforms and plugins to help you easily create your e-commerce store and to offer the best customer service around. You’ll quickly be making the sales you need to be successful.