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Go-Box Gets Even More School Friendly Just In Time For ISTE 2018

Go-Box, The Easiest Way For Multi Device Educational Deployments Just Got Better

Go-Box Chrome is the easiest way to deploy multiple devices inside an educational or institutional environment. Instead of having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars for “white glove” device deployment, using Go-Box your school or district’s in-house IT department can handle large device rollouts. Using the Go-Box Chrome technology, IT departments can rapidly provision up to 16 devices at a time, translating to hundreds and hundreds of devices being made ready for deployment in a single day with your normal IT staff.

With Go-Box Chrome you simply turn the device on. Then you log on to their web application and set up your specific provisioning. After a few little tweaks here and there and you’re sure you have the perfect setup for your teachers and students, you simply plug 16 Chromebooks into the Go-Box Chrome and you’re off to the races. In a matter of minutes each of your Chromebooks is provisioned exactly alike.

Go-Box Chrome makes it a breeze to enroll as many units as you need, all exactly the same. If you have a complex wifi network no worries Go-Box Chrome can configure any wireless network automatically, including proxy pages.

Go-Box Chrome is compatible with all of the latest and popular Chromebook models from; HP, Lenovo, Acer, ASUS, Dell, Samsung, Toshiba and even Hisense.  It’s easy, fast and gives your fingers a much needed rest.

This week the Go-Box team did away with monthly subscription payments and now with Go-Box you pay one fee for the device, it’s yours to keep and you can deploy as many devices as you would like. The cost savings mean you can buy more machines or even upgrade the ones you already have or intend to purchase. For real!

Get your deployments done quicker and more reliable with Go-Box in fact you can use coupon code: GBNIBLETZ18 to get $100 off at go-box.com You can also visit with Go-Box at ISTE 2018, June 24-28th in Chicago, booth #1286

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