Oh Wait There’s Another Proximity Based Social App Launching At SXSW

On Thursday evening I met the team from they seem like a really solid team but forgive me for not being quite as enthused as they are about the upcoming launch of their proximity based social app. Does it surprise you that a proximity based, location aware social app is launching at SXSW?

I know that several big companies are bringing the future back ala roll over minutes and 8 bit games, but location based social apps are so 2013. That was the year that both Highlight and Banjo were said to square off head to head, with the likes of Jason Calacanis and Rob Scoble declaring each of the two a big winner.

We can’t forget Sonar either. Although Sonar launched at a TechCrunch Disrupt New York show, it was still proximity based and designed to tell you when people you know were in your general vicinity. does promise to be a little different. I do think that they may have learned from the other apps’ mistakes however I’m a little skeptical because of the answer that Eddie gave in that exact question in the video interview below. will allow users to share and broadcast their info to the platform in hopes that people with like interests will find each other. We tried out a similar app promising the same things called Yubixi last year at OneSpark.

For now the verdict is out. I’ve downloaded it and so far it’s working par for the course there were a few people using it outside of the Omni atrium, but when we got back down to 6th street it went silent. I like that there’s no usernames or chatrooms it reminds me of old school IRC or open chat rooms. Of course if nobody is nearby then you’re just talking to empty air.

To a degree I also think that HereBy may be putting lipstick onto YikYak.

I’ll give you a better assessment next week and then we will revisit it again in six months, fair enough? If you want to check it out for yourself download it here in the iTunes App Store.