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Jaba Talks Gives Every Resume A Voice

DC Startup Jaba Talks Is A Talent Acquisition Tool That HR Managers Love

Jaba Talks is a Washington DC startup that’s making the hiring process a lot easier for busy HR managers. Their interactive voice interview platform is designed for first screenings of job applicants.

Using their easy to use dashboard, HR managers can create a first round interview that includes a job description, primary questions and required documents. HR managers can peruse through a variety of pre-created interview questions or make up their own. Then, Jaba Talks has those questions professionally read by a male or female voice.

If after an applicant submit an application or resume, the HR manager wants to give them a first round interview, that’s when Jaba Talks goes to work. The HR person can either send the Jaba Talks interview to the applicant directly, post it on Jaba Talks or send it through the Jaba Talks app.

The app and the interviewee set up a time that’s convenient and the interview takes place. The applicant can take the first interview in the comfort of their own home, or even in the car.

HR can quickly and easily access the interview from any device and then select accept or reject. This eliminates the need for hours and hours of sitting through candidates that might not pass muster. It also eliminates the need for HR departments to have to watch video interviews that are always awkward for both parties.

Jaba Talks is more than just the interview platform though;

“At JabaTalks we spend a lot of time focusing on how to create the best experience for the candidate and tackling attrition. In addition to building a platform that is easy-to-use, we actively engage all candidates throughout the process via email, SMS and live chat support. A talent acquisition product is only as strong as the talent pool it provides – our acute focus on the candidate’s interview experience allows for a unique look into a candidate’s soft skills, motivations, and experiences so that you can screen candidates effectively and make the best hire in the shortest amount of time.” the company says on it’s website.

WE spoke with Jaba Talks CEO Mark Veevers-Carter at the WEDC house at SXSW. Check out the video above and for more info check out