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This Startup Will Make You Laugh, For Real [sxsw] Is The Streaming Comedy App You’ve Been Waiting For

Now that Reed Hastings has proven the use case for Netflix and Daniel Elk has proven the need for Spotify, targeted niches are coming out of the woodwork with their own content streaming services. Later in our South By Southwest coverage we will bring you the story of LGBTQ streaming service Revry, but first, this one will make you laugh.

Appropriately named, this startup, founded by a stand up comic and serial entrepreneur, Dave Scott, is the streaming service for comedy.After exiting from his e-commerce and marketing startup, Scott took some time off and found himself trying his luck at stand up comedy at various open mic nights in the valley. People seemed to love his style. He made people laugh.

laughlu-1 This Startup Will Make You Laugh, For Real [sxsw]

If you have Sirius XM in the car, there’s nothing better on a long cross country drive than the satellite services comedy offerings including Comedy Central and Raw Dog. So why not have comedy served up in an on-demand streaming app? One of the down falls to the comedic varieties on the satellite services is you’re forced to listen to their playlist. offers a ton of great well known comedians and a lot of up and comers as well.

The company has been able to help some comedians make money via streaming where there wasn’t much available on services like Spotify. The popular music streaming service has a few of the most well known comedians but it’s not a big category for them. allows comedians that used to make money selling DVD’s and CD’s, have an opportunity via streaming.

The other component is for up and coming comedians that can upload their sets to the platform and get voted on, ya know like at the Apollo. If they’re good they may find opportunity performing. It’s like a discovery platform for new comedians.

The app is freemium based so if you just want to laugh your socks off, it’s available for free. You can also elect to listen without ads, always the best way in our opinion.

People love it and so do investors. just completed a $2.25 million dollar seed round in January. They made their debut last year at TechCrunch Disrupt NY where they were the winner of the crowd sourced startup alley spot in the Battlefield competition.

Check out our interview video from 2017 South by Southwest Accelerator above and sign up at

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