NPC 17: Little Bits Coding Kit Passes Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporters Test

National Principal’s Conference 2017: Little Bits Latest Kit Wows Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporter

Little Bits unboxed their brand new Code Kit at ISTE 2017 in San Antonio last month. At the National Principal’s Conference they were showing off some of the amazing projects kids have built with the kit including an electric guitar, a tug of war game and the Star Wars Death Star complete with an 8-bit familiar theme song.

The Code Kit can be purchased at places like Barnes and Noble and of course for school’s you can contact Little Bits directly for bulk pricing.

The kit is designed to help kids learn to build games, more high tech projects and learn to code. The coding is via Google’s Blockly coding language. Blockly is similar to Scratch and allows kids to build code in blocks making it easier than text based coding. But it does use many of the same commands found in text based coding.

littlebits-code-kit NPC 17: Little Bits Coding Kit Passes Our 9 Year Old EdTech Reporters TestLittle Bits Code Kit comes with four games to invent and code”

  • Ultimate Shoot Out
  • Hot Potato… of Doom
  • Rockstar Guitar
  • Tug Of War

After the initial four projects kids can get even more creative using the skills they’ve learned and the parts that come in the kit which include USB power, buttons, dimmers, switches, sensors, sound triggers, connecting wires and more. This one also comes with the code kit app where kids/students create their Blockly code and then transmit it right to their Little Bits creations.

Members of the 2015 cohort at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design helped develop this amazing kit that fits right in with Little Bits STEM/STEAM focused product offerings.

The Rock Star was Tatum’s favorite project in the kit it allows kids to create the guitar and the sound to be adjusted with sliders and buttons.

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