Marketing: Traditional or Digital?

Both brick and mortar and digital businesses have needs for marketing that are similar in terms of promoting those businesses through offline and online advertising mediums. The overall goal for each is to reach the greatest amount of potential customers, and to be honest, there is a great deal of crossover, with those online retailers who are expanding their marketing efforts into broadcast and print mediums and offline companies who are stepping up to marketing that is web based and moving to more of the social media platforms.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the options that they both can take advantage of.

Local SEO

We all know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is an online technique that is used to improve website ranks for businesses in online search results for both online and brick and mortar businesses alike. However, there is also something called local SEO. This is particularly significant for brick and mortar businesses due to the fact that this type of SEO targets search results that are higher in whatever local search market is specified. This is achieved by way of a variety of techniques that can include things like local directory submissions, link building, local citation, and on page optimization.

Print Marketing

This type of marketing is one that is considered traditional and has been used by brick and mortar businesses for centuries. This is a good way to get the word out about online brands, too. Printed materials provide your customers with something tangible that gives them information about your business. It gives them a physical sort of reminder of what your brand does and the benefits that it offers to them. Common print marketing forms include things like promotional products, business cards, catalogs, brochures, newsletters, flyers, and coupons.

We have looked at a form of digital marketing and a form of traditional marketing. Now, let’s take a peek at a broader explanation of the two types.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is when products and or services are marketed on the internet. This can be for e – commerce businesses or for brick and mortar businesses. Digital marketing uses tools like online sales promotions that are targeted, local directory listings, and social media marketing. This type of marketing is relatively inexpensive when you look at the cost compared to the size of the audience that it can reach. There are many different types of methods for marketing this way that includes pay per action, pay per play, pay per click, pay per impression, etc. Digital marketing allows for your customers to research and then to purchase services and or products in a convenient way.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is a variety of marketing methods that are commonly used for brick and mortar businesses but are also beginning to be used for e – commerce businesses as well. This type of marketing requires a vast amount of time as well as a good sized budget to get any measurable results. The various media for this type of marketing includes flyers and mailers, billboards and posters, magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV. Marketing with traditional methods typically uses a business’s service or product as a selling point that is unique in order to differentiate the brand from the competition.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tends to be quite inexpensive to reach a broad demographic while traditional marketing methods can be quite expensive when it comes to reaching that same demographic. The digital forms of marketing are a product of a combination of communication technologies that are modern while traditional marketing has been relatively the same for generations. The ROI – return on investment – when it comes to digital marketing can be far more than that of traditional marketing.

Benefits of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing methods have quite a high rate of success and have proven themselves over the years. With the traditional types of marketing, anyone who has a mail service, newspaper, radio, or television can learn about your service and or products. Instead of customers having to go looking for you online, you go to them with print advertisements as well as some of the other traditional methods.

Either way you go, traditional or digital, incorporating methods of marketing that are innovative is quite an effective way to run a successful marketing campaign.