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Meet Cubspot The Amazon For Camps, Classes And Learning

Boulder Startup Cubspot Makes It Easer For Parents To Find Camps, Classes And More

Cubspot-1 Meet Cubspot The Amazon For Camps, Classes And Learning

Cubspot, a new startup from Boulder Colorado is making parents lives easier and saving them time. How much time? According to the company, up to 80 hours per week.

The company is like Amazon for parents looking for summer camps, classes and other educational activities for children to participate in. At press time (just nearly two months after launch) Cubspot already has over 3,000 summer camps listed.

The Cubspot process is simple. You can quickly create an account using your Facebook login. From there you add your location, children’s names and ages and go. You’ll receive a grid style listing of all the programs in your area.

That in itself will save parents a lot of time but it gets so much better than just listings.

Cubspot allows families to quickly enroll or get more information from a program and it can add the program to an in platform calendar. That means as you’re booking up your kids plans you won’t accidentally overlap. You can easily track what kids have what programs at what times.

Rachael Shayne, a marketing executive that worked with brands like Nestle, The North Face and Oakley came up with the idea sitting around chatting up her girlfriends one evening.

“We talked about how ridiculous it is that our kids seem to be constantly out of school and the torture of finding the best, right, camps and classes to nurture them in a way that allows parents to work and excel professionally,” she told TechCrunch. “Realizing how fractured the marketplace was, we knew we could automate the process using software.”

They’ve raised $500,000 in seed funding already. Part of that can be contributed to Shayne deciding to focus on the parent and the family rather than the provider. That starts with saving families time.

“Cubspot is a marketplace that connects parents with K-12 activity providers of camps, classes, and lessons—and then books and manages all of it—saving the average parent 80 hours per year. There are competitors in other markets as further proof this category is heating up, but none of them are building the functionality parents really want and need while also supporting the small businesses who provide programs the way Cubspot does.” Shayne told in an interview.

In addition to Shayne’s experience with Corporate America, Cubspot’s CTO Mark Healey has worked on some of the web’s biggest sites and apps. Healey’s credentials include working with, CNBC, E*Trade, Fidelity Investments, The Financial Times, New York Times, TD Ameritrade and the US Navy’s Space and Warfare Syscom.

Summer is just a couple months away. You can check out Cubspot here.