Memphis Startup Screwpulp Rebrands As Leafless

Leaflesstop Memphis Startup Screwpulp Rebrands As LeaflessNibletz was there at that Memphis 48 Hour Launch event in 2012 when Richard Billings presented this new idea on making sure “no good book goes unread”. His model, for what was then called Screwpulp, would give more power to the author and more power to the earliest readers. Screwpulp called for a sliding revenue structure for authors based on the number of sales, as the book got more popular and more reviews the cost would increase, beginning with free.

Now, after tapping many of the Memphis area startup resources, it’s time for Billings and the crew to rebrand as Leafless.

As Screwpulp Billings won a 48 Hour Launch, won a local entrepreneurship week contest, graduated from Seed Hatchery, raised a follow on round of funding and was in the inaugural class of the Launch Tennessee TENN, the best of the best from Tennessee’s accelerator network.

“Not since the screw press has there been so much change in the industry. Change in the way we write, change in the way we read, change in the way we acquire books; what hasn’t changed is the way that many publishers feel that they are the sole guardians at the gate.” The company explains on there website as to the reason for the innovative model to self publishing.

Billings and the team have been very intentional with their names, the first “Screw Pulp” talking about the change in the screw press days and the days of printing on pulp, or paper. Now that everything has moved away from paper, publishing has indeed become Leafless.

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