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Nibletz Headed Back To Jacksonville For OneSpark Coverage

When Elton Rivas was doing his first ever road trip to promote OneSpark three years ago, we went out to dinner with him and quite frankly thought he was full of it. He was promising to take the concept of Kickstarter and Indiegogo offline and onto the streets of downtown Jacksonville, temporarily breathing life into vacant office space.

Well OneSpark did become the World’s crowdfunding fesstival with hundreds of thousands of attendees each year, coming from as far away as Israel, Canada, and Brazil. At Rivas’ urging Nibletz became one of OneSpark’s founding media partners and it was one of our favorite events to cover. From an electronic journalists point of view OneSpark is actually more fun than CES and just as fun if not more fun than South By Southwest.

A funny thing happened last year though.

Rivas took a backseat at OneSpark and I was totally out of the picture at Nibletz during that time. So last year our Onespark coverage was at our sister site Techfaster, we still had just as much fun and I was also a juror for the startup category.

This year, Rivas pinged me when he noticed that Nibletz had turned the lights back on to see what role I wanted to play at this year’s OneSpark, and to also let me know, like myself, Elton was back in the driver’s seat.

So this year we’re headed down to Jacksonville again to provide superior coverage of the biggest startup and crowdfunding festival in the world. This year we decided that I would cover OneSpark and not be a juror so that I could again soak up the entire experience.

Our on the ground OneSpark coverage with myself and Andrew Thompson starts April 7th our OneSpark 2015 coverage starts today.

If you want extra coverage or extra oomph during OneSpark we’ve got some great coverage sponsorships still available, just email info@nibletz.com and hopefully we’ll see you at OneSpark.

Enjoy this video from OneSpark 2013