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Omnicharge The Most Beautiful Charging System Ever [CES 2017]

Omnicharge Shows Off Amazing Charging System At CES 2017

omnicharge-front-top Omnicharge The Most Beautiful Charging System Ever [CES 2017]

We first heard about the Omnicharge smart power bank when they took to Indiegogo to raise $50,000. Omnicharge quickly blew past their initial goal. The campaign finished at 4259% or $2,915,972 USD. In other words, backers loved it.  Here’s why.

Omnicharge comes in a very well designed casing measuring only 5×5 for their larger Omnicharge Pro model. On the surface you’re looking at a choice of a 13,600mah model and a 20,400mah model.  When you’re taking into consideration just the miliamps per hour, those numbers aren’t earth shattering. What is though, is the technology, and design of the Omnicharge system.

Omnicharge features two high speed USB charging ports on the front. Also on the front side are control buttons and an OLED display that shows you just about every piece of data you would need to manage your power needs. But, turn the device on the side and you’ll see a familiar outlet, a three prong typical AC outlet. With Omnicharge you can plug in just about anything that uses regular three prong outlets.

omnicharge-3prong-outlet Omnicharge The Most Beautiful Charging System Ever [CES 2017]In case you’re wondering, YES you can charge your laptop with the Omnicharge.  The company says that most laptops can run for 13 hours on a fully charged Omnicharge system. That’s not taking into consideration newer laptops that charge off USB-C, those can charge off of Omnicharge’s high speed USB outlets.

Omnicharge doesn’t discriminate either. You can charge one, two or three devices simultaneously with Omnicharge. That mans you can charge your phone, your iPad and your computer or any combination of similar devices from a canoe in the middle of the lake if you are so inclined.

omnicharge-vent Omnicharge The Most Beautiful Charging System Ever [CES 2017]Unlike other chargers, Omnicharge lets you micromanage your charging utilizing the control buttons and OLED display on the front side of the unit. If you have a Nikon battery that needs to charge at 9v you can do that. You can control how much power goes to each of the Omnicharge outlets. A clear display also shows you how much charge is remaining in your Omnicharge or Omnicharge Pro.

Finally, the unit features flow through power technology. This means that you can charge the Omnicharge and devices connected to it simultaneously. This would be really nifty in a hotel room.

We’re big fans of power banks, back up batteries and chargers here, and the Omnicharge ranks way up there on our list next to the Anker Power Haus, but of course the Omnicharge weighs a lot less. (Anker’s Power Haus has 132,000 mah)

Find out more about Omnicharge here.

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